East Marshall Street Well Project East Marshall Street Well Project

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Sept. 25, 2013, meeting summary

Who: Planning committee
Location: Virginia Commonwealth University

President Michael Rao welcomed and charged the East Marshall Street Well Planning Committee. The committee’s mission is as follows:

The work of the East Marshall Street Well Planning Committee is to implement a community process that encourages learning about the human remains discovered near East Marshall Street and seeks community input in the formation of a “steering committee.” The “steering committee” will serve to represent the “descendant community” that will make recommendations on behalf of those individuals whose remains were discovered to support appropriate study, memorialization and reburial with dignity.

Committee members were provided pertinent information and materials to assist with the execution of their duties.

Other VCU administrators present included:

  • Sheldon Retchin, M.D., M.S.P.H., senior vice president for health sciences, and CEO, VCU Health System
  • Kevin Allison, Ph.D., senior assistant to the president
  • Quincy Byrdsong, Ed.D., CIM, CIP, CCRP, associate vice president for health sciences strategic initiatives and engagement